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    Your new album „Epidemic“ will be released soon. Please tell me about this new album.

We began the writing process for Epidemic in Dec. 09, and our goal, was to make the best Heavy Metal album that we could. Epidemic is a complete 100% Heavy Metal album from beginning to end. We have a few anthems, a few based on true events of the past, and also a few, perhaps, political statements throughout.

The bands sound is based on the classic metal scene like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and other bands that grew in the 80's. So can we expect this typical sound in your new album as it was on your former releases ?

Actualy, this new record has some traits of the past sound, but Seventh Calling has progressed with it’s writing style quite a bit. Alot of that has to do with the ability of the current line up. Shannon(drums) adds a whole new level of creativity behind the kit for us. So, with a more dynamic range drummer, we were able to really stretch out and experiment on this album.

Seventh Calling is signed now to Heaven & Hell Records. Was that the reason to release the EP „Prelude to Madness“? Or do you see it more like an appetizer for the new album?

Prelude was a beginning point, and a closing point for this line-up, and yes, like an appetizer to prepare the fans for new Seventh Calling. What I mean as a closing point is, the Prelude songs were written before we had Shannon and Marc in the band. So, it is a close on the style that is on the EP for this line-up. The new album is very different because all 4 of us had input for the writing of Epidemic.

How was the feedback for your debut „Monuments“ and the EP „Prelude to Madness“?


We have had very favorable feedback so far on those releases. Monuments was the first album that Seventh Calling released, and it also featured Lance C. Lange on lead vocals as well as myself. Shortly after the release, Lance decided to leave the band, and was subsequently replaced by Alex Ritchey, and I took over all vocals since that time. So far the reviews that we have received compare us from bands like early Metal Church, Vicious Rumors, Priest, Testament, just to name some of the thoughts of our reviewers. All great bands to be compared to!!

For the new album you worked with producer/engineer Lance Swain. Can you tell me how you made this contact and what does it mean for your present and upcoming works?


Well, we had heard of him through the scene, and word of mouth. So that is how we had made the contact. As far as the future works, it is hard to say what we will end up doing. There are many plans in the making right now, so we will have to see on this one!

Is their a main message or concept behind the album title „Epidemic“ or song titles like „Paid in blood“ or „Fractured“?

Yes there are. The album „Epidemic“ has a very big meaning. The world is the Epidemic. Scientists, politicians, musicians, some parents, religions, rights activists,,,,,,,these are just some of the people that make the Epidemic. For example, Paid In Blood, is a song based on true events in the US history books. This song in particular combines one’s power over an entire state, and religious/political views of that state. It all took place in 1857. The Mountain Meadows massacre. 120 men, women, and children were killed without reason, other than one man’s twisted belief that he was „the Prophet“ for these people. The thing that we have all learned from world history is, all major events that have happened have been caused by some idiot who thought they knew it all. Bottom line. That is what inspired Seventh Calling to write the story of „Epidemic“ as an album.

How is you work in the band shared? I think, Steve, you do the most promotion stuff for the band. What about the songwriting and writing in music?


The promotion is a combined effort between Seventh Calling, our management, Gio Entertainment, and our label, Heaven and Hell Records.

From June you are touring the states. Where exactly do you stop and what are your expectations about that tour ?


Well, we will be going through Denver CO, Omaha Neb, Kansas City KS, Nashville TN, Wilmington Delaware, Richmond VA, Greensboro NC, Raleigh NC, Myrtle Beach SC, and Houston TX.

Are there real actual plans of touring outside the states ?

Yes, next yr, we are planning on coming to Europe if all works out right it will be Seventh Calling and Cage. We are working out things on that now. It will be next spring. That is just one thing in the works now.

On your websites we often can read the name of the band Wolf. Did you ever had a chance to meet them?


Not in person, however they are like my favorite band right now. Killer heavy metal!!!!! I would love SC and Wolf to tour together!!

How would you describe the scene of traditional metal now in the states?


It is growing at a steady rate right now. It is actualy very nice to see that happen!!!

Are you all working full for the band or are there any civil jobs you have to do for earning money?


Not at this point, we are lucky enough right now in this respect.

The album cover of „Epidemic“ has little negative or endtime touch. Can you tell us more about the artwork ? Who did it and do you want to express a special message with it ?


Yes, Alex Ritchey did the artwork for the album. And the message of the cover is, we are bringing true US heavy metal back to the table the way it was meant to be. HEAVY METAL!! Wiping out the epidemic.

Your music is in a category for that there are special festivals like Keep it True of Swordbrothers Festival in germany, who invite the classic metal bands from the 80's and bands that are playing that style. Ever heard about it ?

Yes we have, we know of just about all of the festivals that take place overseas. We would love to get to all of them!!

What are the next plans after your touring is finished?


    Go right back out on tour again!! Haha! Seriously however, at the end of our touring for this year, we will be right back in the studio for the next album for Seventh Calling, and have this ready once again, early next yr.

Do you have any plans for music videos of the upcoming album to promote it also visual?


We do have a song that has been picked to do video of, and I do believe we will be having that done over summer.

What are you doing in your freetime outside of the band? Are you members spending that time together or are you always going seperate ways?

Besides drinking Crown/cokes!! Hahah!! Alex and I are roomates, so we hate each other!! Hahaha!!! No we don’t. Usually we all hang out for the most part. You have to be friends if you are going to get along on the road!

Can you tell us if the new album will be published worldwide through Heaven & Hell records? Will it be in stores outside of the states or will it be only available through online shops in foreign countries?

Yes it will be. I do not know exact details as our label handles all of that aspect however on where all it will be.

I couldn't find out a lot about your history on your websites. Please tell us how it came to Seventh Calling. Were you playing in other bands before and how was it with constant band membership so far?

I have played in many projects over the years. Seventh Calling has always been the original project though. The most important. So with that in mind, yes, I have gone through a few members to find the one’s that I have now. It takes a certain type to be ready to tour/travel/write/record. I say all of those things, because all are needed in this business if you are going to succeed. Many that I have worked with over the yrs never understood that point. PLAY, PLAY PLAY PLAY!! Work, that is what it is about. I too can sit and cry and complain about percentage of songs, how much pay for this, or what I think everyone owes me, but you know what,,,,,I DON’T. This is the way of things in this industry. If you can’t handle it, don’t even start it.

At last, tell us your final statement whatever you want.


Very good! Please stop and visit Seventh Calling, US Heavy Metal band @ or find us at Metal heads of the world UNITE, STAND AND FIGHT, PROTECT YOUR METAL SOUL!! Let me hear your cries to the sky, HEAVY METAL IS HERE TO STAY

thanx to Steve Handel !!

(Interview by Kerbinator)



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