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INTERVIEW with Psych0active of ASYLUM BEDLAM

    First of all I want to know what was the reason to change your bandname from former Asylum to Asylum Bedlam and what is the background choosing that name?


Mental-uther one time said that the Bedlam is the name which fix more with our style than Asylum. But i didn’t want to change the original name because we have it one year and you can not just to tell all the people’’we change name’’.So i was thinking and conclude that the best way is to change name into Asylum Bedlam. We need name which doesn’t exist and we don’t want damaging aftermath.

It is not easy to describe your sound with all its industrial, metal, ambient elements. How would you describe your sound?


I will decribe it like’’they tried to be industrial’’but they have a lot of factors which drag them into another dimension.Our final goal is to achive the combination in which our music will sound in the same time hard,psychodelic and funy.

Your album „Magna Mana Fetish“ is published now for a while. How was the resonance so far for this album worldwide?


Good comments come from the all sides.

Is there a concept behind this album and the album title?


I can tell you that we speak about almost everything and like in music we use a lot of combination.We combine with history,society and themes which developed from our individualy experiences.If i tell which was our reason to chose this title all the magic will become only emtpy words on paper.

In April you are playing some shows in Europe. Can you tell us more about this tour and what the people can expect from your shows?


Actually we play two shows with German band ’’Masters of dark fire’’ and "The Wolf Gang", one in Belgium and one in Berlin.People can expect from us a interesting performance with a lots of energy.

Back in time. Please tell me a little bit about the bands history. How did it come to found Asylum Bedlam ?


When someone ask me that question i feel like i have one houndred years.

We start before three years and til now we have changed many band members. We played as many good shows trough Croatia,Serbia and Bulgaria and built a name in our region as most freaked band.We know that we are freaks and til now nobody didn’t regret for name.

How is your work shared ? Are you composing and writing together or is there a main bandmember that is working it out?


All composition is for now composed by me and Mental_uther.If some of the members feel that some part need to be changed we consider the proposal.

Croatia is not a main country in music business. How difficult is it to get contacts and manage band activities in and out of this land?


Croatia is a small market but we are all affacted with the process of globalization and informatization which us somewise mitigatory(olakšavaju) the situation in work. Actually it is not hard to find the contact but is hard to hold them in such a dynamic market.

If we take a look at the band pictures we can see the bandmembers showing themselves in a dark and mystical style. Is this a kind of masquerade for the music or does it reflect the bands lifestyle?


The style of the band is still in the beginning phase. A reason why we look dark and mystical is because we are influenced by the older goth-industrial bands.

What was the bands main influences in music?


Probably bands like London after midnight,Marilyn Manson,Ministry,Rammstein etc.

Are there any plans to continue touring over europe or even worldwide?


Yeah, we have many plans to play on some fests in Germany and Sweden.

The bandmembers got some cool pseudonyms in their names like Psychoactive or Mental Uther. What was the reason to choose those pseudonyms?


The reason is the new identity which more responds to our plans and all the story we wanted to narrate.

Is the band preparing new music. Can we expect some new music from Asylum Bedlam soon?


We have a lot of great new songs and some of them we already perform live.


I think your music is not easy to produce. What technical equipment do you use?


I did not use anything special. All material we recorded is typical home studio production. But in the future we will need not only a first class eqipment, but and first class producer.

Your manager Rockhead told me sometimes that the band is in the „Garage“ now. Is that a special place where you meet or what is it?


Garage is a place where we play. It is a big and very wet place.

What music do you listen in your freetime?


Trance and Metal.

Do you all have civil jobs or are you complete involved in your music?


Generally we need to work civil jobs who we could enable or expences .But some of us still going to school or study and the parents finance they expences.

Did you ever think about moving to another country, outside of Croatia to forward the band to the next step(s)?


Yeah, and i will not doubt if we get such a chance.

Now, in the end tell our readers anything you want to say at last.


Salute and if you are close come to see us, cause maybe you will see something more.

Thanx to PsychOactive

Interview by Kerbinator


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Comment posted by Daz, 30.03.2010 um 19:00 (UTC):
Asylum Bedlam reminds me of the era in England when bands lived with the hardships of their society yet chose to rehearse in squalid conditions and toured out the back of a ford transit van. Respect & all the best for the future.

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